What To Expect

Having a subluxation evaluation is one of the most important health checks for you and your family. Find out what you can expect during your subluxation evaluation.

inside of office

1. We listen

Your first visit begins with a free consultation with Dr. Robinson. We want to hear your goals and make sure you are in the right place. If it sounds like we can help then we can proceed to an exam. If it sounds like your goals will be met better somewhere else that we trust, we will tell you.

xray of spine

2. Comprehensive Exam

We conduct a thorough exam, including digital spinal posture analysis and digital spinal x-rays. This process takes 30-45 minutes. If we feel we can help, we don't want to miss anything that will help us get the amazing results that we expect.

model spine

3. Detailed Findings

After Dr. Robinson has reviewed all the findings from the exam, a detailed report is conducted with each patient to discuss what we know, how we can help, and what are our limitations. This report occurs on a different day than your exam. If we feel we can help, we will present our best recommendations to get you the results you are looking for.

person receiving adjustment

4. A Path to Better Health

Our approach to your care will always be conservative. We use manual adjusting, lighter force adjusting, and posture driven adjustment protocols. We cater each treatment to your body, your needs, and your goals.

inside treatment room

5. Re-evaluation

Because we expect a lot from ourselves and from our patients, we conduct regular re-evaluations to make sure we are achieving the goals we set our to achieve. No guesswork, just results.