Are you looking for a chiropractor to help with sciatic pain? Anyone who has experienced siatica symptoms knows how debilitating it can be. It can significantly impact your life, limiting many of your daily activities and causing added, unnecessary stress. At Absolute Chiropractic we are 100% committed to helping you heal naturally without drugs or surgery.

Are you experiencing the following?

  • Pain in the buttock

  • Shooting pains down the back of your leg

  • Numbness, burning or tingling in your leg or foot

  • Weakness in your leg or foot

  • Pain that is worse when sitting

  • Lower back pain

  • Difficulty walking

What causes Sciatica?

It is now known that the root of sciatic pain stems from more than just the lower back and the stretch through the spinal cord from any region of the body can put pressure on that nerve.

We assess the lower back and other related regions to take the pressure of the nerve to correctly identify the root cause of the problem.

How can Absolute Chiropractic help you with sciatica?

Pain medications are commonly used to deal with the pain or discomfort, but unfortunately this approach only masks the symptoms rather than fix the underlying cause.

Our focus is correcting the cause of sciatica, so you can experience lasting results and great health, without the nasty side effects of long-term pain medication use.
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